Date: 2018-06-07

ADIOS1 Build Fixes & Less Flushes

We fixed build issues with the ADIOS1 backend. The number of performed flushes in backends was generally minimized.

Changes to “0.1.0-alpha”

Bug Fixes

  • SerialIOTest: loadChunk template missing for ADIOS1 #227
  • prepare running serial applications linked against parallel ADIOS1 library #228


  • minimize number of flushes in backend #212


Date: 2018-06-06

This is the first developer release of openPMD-api.

Both HDF5 and ADIOS1 are implemented as backends with serial and parallel I/O support. The C++11 API is considered alpha state with few changes expected to come. We also ship an unstable preview of the Python3 API.