This section provides an overview of features in I/O backends.

Operating Systems Linux, OSX Linux, OSX, Windows
Serial supported supported supported supported
MPI-parallel supported supported supported no
Dataset deletion no no supported supported
Compression upcoming upcoming upcoming no
Streaming/Staging not exposed upcoming no no
Portable Files limited awaiting yes yes
PByte-scalable yes yes no no
Performance A TBD B C
Native File Format .bp (BP3) .bp (BP4) .h5 .json
  • supported/yes: implemented and accessible for users of openPMD-api
  • upcoming: planned for upcoming releases of openPMD-api
  • limited: for example, limited to certain datatypes
  • awaiting: planned for upcoming releases of a dependency
  • TBD: to be determined (e.g. with upcoming benchmarks)

Selected References

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