Choose one of the install methods below to get started:


Using the Spack Package

A package for openPMD-api is available on the Spack package manager.

spack install openpmd-api  # optional: +python
spack load --dependencies openpmd-api

Using the conda Package

A package for serial openPMD-api is available on the Conda package manager.

conda install -c conda-forge openpmd-api

From Source with CMake

You can also install openPMD-api from source with CMake. This requires that you have all dependencies installed on your system. The developer section on build options provides further details on variants of the build.

On Linux platforms:

git clone

mkdir -p openPMD-api-build
cd openPMD-api-build

# optional for some tests

# for own install prefix append:
# for options append:
#   -DopenPMD_USE_...=...
cmake ../openPMD-api

make -j

# optional
make test

# sudo is only required for system paths
sudo make install

On Windows platforms, replace the last steps with:

cmake -G "NMake Makefiles" ../openPMD-api

nmake install