Build Options

Section author: Axel Huebl


The following options can be added to the cmake call to control features. CMake controls options with prefixed -D, e.g. -DopenPMD_USE_MPI=OFF:

CMake Option Values Description
openPMD_USE_MPI AUTO/ON/OFF Enable MPI support
openPMD_USE_HDF5 AUTO/ON/OFF Enable support for HDF5
openPMD_USE_ADIOS1 AUTO/ON/OFF Enable support for ADIOS1
openPMD_USE_ADIOS2 AUTO/ON/OFF Enable support for ADIOS2 1
openPMD_USE_PYTHON AUTO/ON/OFF Enable Python bindings
openPMD_USE_INVASIVE_TESTS AUTO/ON/OFF Enable unit tests that modify source code 2
openPMD_USE_VERIFY ON/OFF Enable internal VERIFY (assert) macro independent of build type 3
PYTHON_EXECUTABLE (first found) Path to Python executable

1 not yet implemented

2 e.g. C++ keywords, currently disabled only for MSVC

3 this includes most pre-/post-condition checks, disabling without specific cause is highly discouraged

Shared or Static

By default, we will build as a static library and install also its headers. You can only build a static (libopenPMD.a or openPMD.lib) or a shared library ( or openPMD.dll) at a time.

The following options can be tried to switch between static and shared builds and control if dependencies are linked dynamically or statically:

CMake Option Values Description
BUILD_SHARED_LIBS ON/OFF Build the C++ API as shared library
HDF5_USE_STATIC_LIBRARIES ON/OFF Require static HDF5 library
ADIOS_USE_STATIC_LIBS ON/OFF Require static ADIOS1 library

Note that python modules (openPMD.cpython.[...].so or openPMD.pyd) are always dynamic libraries. Therefore, if you want to build the python module and prefer static dependencies, make sure to provide all of dependencies build with position independent code (-fPIC). The same requirement is true if you want to build a shared C++ API library with static dependencies.


By default, the Release version is built. In order to build with debug symbols, pass -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug to your cmake command.

Shipped Dependencies

Additionally, the following libraries are shipped internally for convenience. These might get installed in your CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX if the option is ON.

The following options allow to switch to external installs of dependencies:

CMake Option Values Installs Library Version
openPMD_USE_INTERNAL_VARIANT ON/OFF Yes MPark.Variant 1.3.0+
openPMD_USE_INTERNAL_PYBIND11 ON/OFF No pybind11 2.2.3+


By default, tests and examples are built. In order to skip building those, pass -DBUILD_TESTING=OFF or -DBUILD_EXAMPLES=OFF to your cmake command.