Section author: Axel Huebl

An online version of our Doxygen build can be found at

We regularly update it via

git checkout gh-pages

# optional argument: branch or tag name

git commit -a
git push

This section explains what is done when this script is run to build it manually.


First, install Doxygen and its dependencies for graph generation.

# install requirements (Debian/Ubuntu)
sudo apt-get install doxygen graphviz

# enable HTML output in our Doxyfile
sed -i 's/GENERATE_HTML.*=.*NO/GENERATE_HTML     = YES/' docs/Doxyfile


Now run the following commands to build the Doxygen HTML documentation locally.

cd docs/

# build the doxygen HTML documentation

# open the generated HTML pages, e.g. with firefox
firefox html/index.html