openPMD C++ & Python API

openPMD is an open meta-data schema that provides meaning and self-description for data sets in science and engineering. See the openPMD standard for details of this schema.

This library provides a reference API for openPMD data handling. Since openPMD is a schema (or markup) on top of portable, hierarchical file formats, this library implements various backends such as HDF5, ADIOS1, ADIOS2 and JSON. Writing & reading through those backends and their associated files is supported for serial and MPI-parallel workflows.

Supported openPMD Standard Versions

openPMD-api is a library using semantic versioning for its public API. Please see this link for ABI-compatibility. The version number of openPMD-api is not related to the version of the openPMD standard.

The supported version of the openPMD standard are reflected as follows: standardMAJOR.apiMAJOR.apiMINOR.

openPMD-api version supported openPMD standard versions
2.0.0+ 2.0.0+ (not released yet)
1.0.0+ 1.0.1-1.1.0 (not released yet)
0.1.0-0.12.0 (alpha) 1.0.0-1.1.0



API Details